Tooth Extractions


Although we all want our natural teeth to last us a life time, unfortunately this does not always happen. As sometimes they can become decayed or damaged. Or may need removal for other reasons such as Orthodontic treatments, gum disease etc

If our LS1 team genuinely feel that a tooth cannot be saved through dental intervention, or that your treatment options requires it – then you may decide (or we may recommend), that it be removed.

Extractions are dealt with sensitively and patients receive a high degree of after-care, we understand that our patient’s main fears are will it be pain full? And what will I do with the gap after the extraction? So the team are extremely understanding and offer support and advice through out

What can you expect at your extraction appointment?

Before removing the tooth, you will be given an injection of a local anaesthetic (or pain medicine) to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. This will prevent you feeling any pain throughout the procedure – should you at any point feel any discomfort we will give you some more anaesthetic the team will be checking on your comfort at all stages and there to hold your hand if needed for support for the more nervous patients

Once you have had the toot h/ teeth extracted, a blood clot usually forms in the socket. You will be given will packed gauze pad into the socket and be asked to bite down on it to help stop the bleeding. If a surgical extraction was needed the dentist may need to place a few stitches –) usually these will be self-dissolving_ — to close the gum edges over the extraction site.

Follow up / aftercare

Before you leave the LS1 Team will ensure that you are feeling ok and are comfortable, and any bleeding has stopped. They will then give you a printed advice sheet to take home that gives you detailed instructions on your advised aftercare and what to do should you have any concerns. We give you a printed sheet as we understand that it may be a lot to take in when you are at the appointment and we want to ensure you don’t just have to remember what the team have told you. The team will also go over all the points of aftercare with you , the take home sheet is just for information should you need it once home.

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