Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (Endodontics / RCT) is needed when the blood or nerve supply of a tooth becomes infected as a consequence of Dental decay or injury/ trauma to a tooth . If a tooth becomes infected and spreads, this eventually may cause an abscess. This can lead to a high degree of tenderness and discomfort for a patient

The aim of treatment is to remove the infection from the root canal and to permanently fill it, to prevent future problems and retaining your natural tooth .As the only alternative to root canal treatment would be extraction of the infected tooth ,which were ever possible we try to avoid

It is a skilled and time-consuming process that usually involves one or more visits to our surgery to complete.

Symptoms that may indicate you need root canal treatment

* pain when biting or chewing

* swelling of the gum near the affected tooth

* pus oozing from the affected tooth

* facial swelling

* the tooth becoming a darker colour

It’s extremely important to see consult a dentist if you develop toothache or any of the above symptoms . As if you have an infected tooth can’t heal by itself.


Many people don’t look forward to having root canal treatment and may of even heard what they call horror stories .Let the LS1 dental Team help to ease your concerns by Using the latest techniques, equipment and processes, we make sure that treatment is carried out in a pain-free way, and that you are entirely comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure. Our team have a lot of experience and pride themselves on keeping up to date on all current methods and techniques to ensure you are in the best hands at all times . Not to mention they are there for moral support and advice as well.

Quote from a LS1 patient “ the team were amazing , I was so worried about the treatment and then I didn’t feel a thing !! I cannot thank them enough “ J.Yates

Before we arrange any treatment appointments , you will need a dental examination, and X-ray’s to get an idea of the severity of the infection and so that the dentist can see how many root canals the infected tooth has and if the treatment is possible as in a small number of cases it may not be an option.

The dentist will be able to tell you exactly what will be involved for your case the LS1 team will then talk you through the procedure in detail. They will do this to put you at ease and allow you to make an informed decision about going ahead with the procedure or any other options that may be available to you at that stage .

We Also offer extremely flexible appointments with early morning and late evenings being available

What happens during a root canal appointment?

First things first you will be given a local anaesthetic, which will stop you feeling pain in the area being worked on. To get the tooth ready, your dentist will separate it from the rest of your mouth using a sheet of plastic known as a rubber dam, which stops any harmful bacteria from the infected tooth spreading around your mouth.

Your dentist will then drill an access hole in the tooth, to gain access to the infected pulp and decaying tissue, which they will clean out using a special antiseptic fluid. In order to fill the root canal system properly it may have to be widened using special files. As this process can take time, you may have to come back for a second session before a permanent seal can be applied. If so, your dentist will use a temporary filling to plug the gap. Once the permanent seal has been fitted, it may be recommended that you consider a crown , however this is something you would discuss at length with the LS1 team .

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