LS1 designs and supplies custom made mouth guards that custom-fit your mouth, cushioning your teeth and gums and protecting them from serious damage.Whether you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth or play regular sport, our technicians can develop a solution that works for you.

Grinding and clenching

Many people clench and grind their teeth without even knowing it. This can lead to permanent damage that is time-consuming and costly to repair.LS1 provides a rubber-like cover that fits over your teeth and gums to cushion and protect them. One of our professionally fitted guards will stop your face and jaw aching unnecessarily and reduce the likelihood of you breaking your teeth. It makes practical and cosmetic sense.


Many sports require participants to wear a full mouth guard, particularly if it involves physical contact or moving objects that could cause broken or damaged teeth. A professionally designed mouth guard will help protect your teeth and ensure that you can play on with confidence. Guards are made to the highest specification in our dental laboratory to replicate the colour and style that you require (striped, multi-coloured, clear etc).

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