With our ever busying lives if can be difficult to make time for appointments. The CEREC™ revolutionary ceramic reconstruction system is now the perfect way to have a crown, inlay or veneer done in just the ONE visit.

No need for temporary replacements, your new tooth will be made using specialist 3D Cad-Cam software, so all the hard work of designing and making your crown, inlay or veneer will take place while you wait in the comfort of our relaxing waiting area.

The whole procedure takes less than an hour for a crown replacement, without the need for a temporary filling and two visits to the dentist. The cost is comparable to that of a normal crown!

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I was always happier behind the camera, but after veneer and whitening treatments, I’m now more than happy to be in front of it! It has really boosted my confidence. I only regret I didn’t do it sooner!

T J Edgson, Horsforth, Leeds

The benefits of CEREC™


LS1 is the leading provider of CEREC treatment in Leeds.  If you want to restore your smile then CEREC offers a range of amazing benefits.


One Visit

No Need for multiple dental appointments, no extra time off work needed, treatment complete in just appointment


No temporary restorations

As you will have the final restoration placed on the day


No dental impressions

As 3D imagery used, so a much more comfortable and precise recording for the patient


Mercury Free

Great way to replace old Mercury fillings to a metal free biocompatible alternative


Extremely strong

and long last lasing


A conservative approach to treatment

Versus other conventional options


CEREC Before







The No1 same day smile makeover treatment

CEREC™ in action


The transformation of your smile can have dramatic and noticable results that can truly change your life.

At LS1 we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a smile that you deserve.

























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making you feel special


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