Thought of the Dentist scare you , see our top ten tips to help you …

Posted on 02 Feb 2017 at 18:18

No body ever seems to like going to the Dentist … but for some people it can be a a nerve racking thought .. Here at LS1 Dental Leeds , we understand how nervous patients feel and have the experience to try and help nervous patients over come their fears, with time,care, expertise and understanding of the importance of a good old chat and the holding of a hand !

LS1 Dental Leeds has listed ten tips that can help a nervous patient over come their fears


1. Tell the dentist about your fears. This information will help the dentist determine how to best manage and address those fears. By letting the dentist know exactly why the experience is difficult for you, you will feel more control in the examination chair.

2. Remember that dental procedures have greatly improved in the past few years. Modern dentistry offers new methods and treatment options to make you feel comfortable.

3. Your dentist can explain the entire procedure to you beforehand, as well as walk you through step-by-step while the procedure is being performed. You always have the right to fully understand the work being done on your teeth.

4. Consider additional medication to relax. Many dentists recommend nitrous oxide, sedation or anti-anxiety medicine for extremely nervous patients. Find a dentist who offers these options to help you get through the visit.

5. Find a dentist you are comfortable with and establish a trusting relationship. There are many personalities in the dental profession. Find a dentist who makes you feel at ease and is willing to work with you on your fears. – ( check what LS1 Dental Leeds patients think via Google review )

6. Breathe deeply and try to relax. Some dentists recommend practising relaxation techniques before and during the appointment. Other dentists find that listening to music, or scheduling an appointment first thing in the morning, before the stresses of the day add up, also help patients to relax.

7. Talk to the dentist about stopping if you’re uncomfortable. Many of the dentists surveyed said they establish a signal to “stop” with their patients. This puts you in control of the procedure and alerts the dentist if you’re uncomfortable or need to take a break during the appointment.

8. Visit the dentist regularly to prevent problems. For fearful patients, just going for a check up can be nerve-racking, but the more you go to the dentist for routine cleaning, the more likely you are to avoid larger problems that result in extensive procedures.

9. Visit the office and talk to the staff before your first appointment. You should feel free to meet with the dentist and to ask questions before scheduling your appointment. Meeting the dentist and his or her staff first will help you find a dentist you like and trust. ( take a look at what LS1 Dental Leeds say about the practice /staff )

10. Go slow. Dentists are happy to go slow with nervous patients. If possible, make sure your first visit is a simple one, such as a cleaning. This will help you build your relationship with the dentist before going in for a more difficult procedure

As you can see from the tips listed above , communication, building a trusting relationship , access to the latest Dental technology & procedures as well as a team that has the experience to help deal with your anxiety are all keys to ensuring no body has to miss out on Dental care through being nervous – LS1 Dental Leeds would love to help any nervous patient overcome their concerns , we offer free consultations or call us on Leeds 0113 278 7711 for a chat , we would love to hear from you

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